5 Major Reasons You Must Start a Podcast in 2020

What are the benefits of starting a podcast?

I can easily count over ten massive benefits for starting a podcast. But as a content creation company, I want to share with you the 5 top reasons I think you should start a podcast.

Long story short, starting a podcast is the ultimate hack for building relationships creating unlimited content.

Here is how it works as it funnels down.



Obviously, you have a live podcast on the internet for people to listen to and learn from. This is a great way to build a connection with your audience/prospects as there are very few platforms where people will listen/watch you for 30 - 40 mins plus.

But many people stop here and don’t realise that they can leverage this in so many more ways to gain more listeners and more fans.



One of my favourite reasons for starting an interview-based podcast is not just to bring on professionals on specific topics, but because the podcast gives you an excuse to meet and network with these people.

Let's use an example:

If I wanted to meet a well-known entrepreneur, they would often charge $1000+ for an hour of their time.

But if you invite them to come on your podcast, you can get them on for free and build a quality relationship with them.



Having a podcast positions you as an expert in your industry or whatever topic you talk about. Even if you have zero listeners, having the podcast featured on your website or in your profile positions you as someone who knows what they are talking about, much like being a published author.



My personal favourite reason and the reason my business exists...

If you set up a camera during your interview, you now have unlimited video content for your social media. So many people struggle with creating video content because it is a lot of work and requires effort every single week.

But just by filming your podcast you can take the best 1-3 minute bits and turn them into videos as content. Plus if you are scared to talk in front of the camera, the podcast is just capturing the conversation of you and the guest, which often produces better flowing organic content.



Now that you have video content from each episode, you can transcript your videos and turn them into written form content to use as:

- FB, Insta, Linkedin Status

- Blog post or article

- Send it as an email newsletter

- Use as a caption with an image post

So you can see why I said having a podcast is the ultimate content hack, especially if you film each episode.

So you can see the endless benefits of starting a podcast and even if you have no listeners there are still countless benefits.  

I highly recommend you leverage your podcast to create unlimited amounts of content online and start generating new listeners and new leads.

The Podcasters 6 Step Guide To Creating 10 Videos a Month, EVERY Month

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