The Podcasters 6 Step Guide To Creating 10 Videos a Month, EVERY Month in 2020

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Creating video content every week can be much easier than you think. Many people simply don't know the correct steps to take, which makes them take far longer than they need to.

WARNING: You could be at serious risk of falling behind your competitors. We'll show you why this is a huge mistake.

We'll reveal the bulletproof, step by step strategies we've used to achieve impressive results for ourselves and our podcasting clients.

The massive opportunity virtually every podcaster is leaving on the table. Nearly every person looking to create consistent video content makes these common yet fatal mistakes - find out what they are so you can avoid them!

6 Simple steps to create 10 videos a month for only an hour of your time. These strategies can help you make more videos YEARS faster than you ever thought possible.


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6 Step Guide To Creating Unlimited Video Content

My all in one step by step guide, taking you through how I create over 40 videos a month for myself and over 200 videos for my clients. This guide will teach you how to create as many videos as you need without taking up your time writing scripts, and spending hours shooting every week.

Camera Equipment checklist

A clear equipment checklist based on the type of content creator you are. This guide will show you all the equipment I think you will need at every budget level.

Video Editor Up-Work Template + Full editing tutorial 

You will receive a copy and paste job application template to find your own social media video editor off Up-Work PLUS I will give you the tools and assets to train them, so you know they are editing the right way. You will gain access to my Google Site, which shows step by step with video tutorials on how to edit videos the way you need them too!

Social Media Scheduling Tutorial / Tool

Scheduling video across all the major social media platforms is incredibly difficult as there isn't a single platform that allows you to do it. That is why I have created my own system, and I am giving it to you step by step along with a video tutorial.

Byron's a legend. He's young, willing to learn and gets shit done and I have a huge amount of respect for a guy in his early 20's who's been soaking up the KPI philosophy and launched his own podcast, along with his rocking video business.

- Glen Carlson

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