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I started Stream Digital Marketing & Video for Podcasters as a way to solve a massive problem, so many business owners and creators face. They have all this content but aren’t leveraging it to its full potential.

When I was 11 years old, I filmed my first video as a school project on my mum and dads mini film handicap. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with filmmaking and creating. A few years later, I started watching people online talking about business and entrepreneurship, and this led to my second obsession, business and marketing.

My two worlds aligned after I landed a position as Glen Carlson’s videographer, I was able to create videos and learn all about business at the same time.

I have since started my own company, Stream Digital Marketing and video for podcasters online course. Dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs stand out and build their personal brand through the power of consistent social media video.

I am also the host of the “Driven Young” Podcast, dedicated too inspiring and educating the younger generation, where I apply this exact video strategy to myself.

Byron Dempsey 

Founder and host of Driven Young 

I started Stream Digital Marketing after gaining great success for Glen Carlson through consistent video content on his social media.

After three years, I have since applied this video strategy to over 45 business owners / podcasters and 2000 videos later, I have developed a system for creating a flow of high-quality video content without breaking the bank. ( it involves podcasting)

I have since launched my own podcast "Driven Young" and use that to follow my passion of helping change Australis education system.

- Creating videos since 11 years old

- Collected over 11 million video views

- Generated over $5 million in Sales for clients

Driven Young Podcast 

I started the Driven Young Podcast as a way to help educate and inspire the younger generation.

There are plenty of amazing podcasts out there but I find very few tailors their content to those in high-school and uni. Even the ones that claim they do seem to go off track and fail to keep their message clear and simple for the younger generation to understand.

I believe our world is changing so fast, the current education system can’t keep up and is left teaching us old and outdated skills no longer relevant in the workplace.

This podcasts explores what I believe should have been taught in school and aims to help people realise the world is different from when their parents grew up and we must make relevant decisions based on the world we live in currently not the world people used to live in.

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