How To Film Your Podcast For Less Than $30

There is no excuse not to be filming your podcast.

Let me explain a free and simple way...

Use your phone.

Your phone is incredibly capable of filming high-quality videos you can leverage to promote your brand and podcast on social media.

First of all, if you do your podcast over zoom or some other platform, ask your guest to turn on their camera and hit record.

Make sure you let them know before the interview.

You now have one long video you can cut up into short video bites to post across social media.

Secondly, if you shoot your podcast in person and don't want to spend an arm and a leg on camera equipment, buy a $30 Amazon phone tripod and mount and set up your phone.

Your phone shoots up to 4k quality and will do a fantastic job of filming your podcast. It also has no recording limit, unlike many DSLR's cameras which only record for 30 minutes.

Here are some tips for filming on your phone:


Make sure you turn on aeroplane mode when filming because if you receive a call, the video will cut off


Make sure you have decent lighting; phones don't do well in low light.


Unlock your tilt lock, so you film landscape and not portrait.

    Get a cheap phone mount and tripod off Amazon for $30.

Set up your tripod and start filming your interviews/episodes. 

If you want full control of your phones camera settings, download an app called "Filmic Pro" ($21). This is only recommended if you know what you are doing or want to match your phones setting with your camera settings for a multi-camera shoot

It gives you full control of

    •  Frame rate
    • White balance 
    • Camera quality 
    • Sound
    • Exposure
    • + more

Shot on iPhone

Shot on iPhone

So as you can see, there is no excuse not to be filming your podcast, and if you have a big guest on your show, you can't put a monetary value on how valuable that footage could be.

You can leverage that for the next few years and have just created a large amount of content for next to no extra work.

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