How To Setup a Podcast Studio (with cameras)

Setting up a podcast studio can be very overwhelming.

There are so many moving parts involved, so I am going to help keep it simple.

If you are setting up a studio, I highly recommend you film your podcast; otherwise, you are using a massive opportunity on the table.

If you have gone through with all the work of setting up the podcast studio and getting the guest on, then you might as well film it.

Here is why.

When it comes to setting up a studio here is what I recommend.

  • Have a table in the middle
  • Chair each side
  • Microphones placed on each side
  • Use a rug to remove any echo (if you don't have carpet)
  • Some LED strip lighting to add some colour.

If you are struggling to get started, that's all you need to get going.

Now when it comes to filming the podcast here is what I recommend.


Set up one camera as a wide at the end of your table with your phone or another camera and hit record.

If you want to get a full setup going I you will need:

  • Three cameras 
  • Three tripods 
  • Three SD cards 
  • Two lights 

Setup one camera on your guest diagonally, this should be next to you pointing at the guest then do the same on the opposite side but pointing at the host or yourself.

Camera 1: on the host 

Camera 2: on the guest 

Then set up a wide camera at the end of the table.

Camera 3: wide camera

In-between the cameras, you can fit the light on the guest and a light on the host. You could also have one light on both you and the guest if needed.

Once your guest is ready, hit record on each camera as you walk around to your seat, sit down and start the interview.

Keep in mind most DSLR cameras only record up to 30 minutes.

When you are done stop recording, and you can start turning your podcast into video bites to promote across social media.

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